Crypto regulation, Europe ahead of the US?

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Crypto regulation, Europe ahead of the US?

Crypto regulation – Europe is preparing to adopt stricter regulations, while cryptocurrency operators in the US are grappling with great uncertainty.

The regulatory horizon for cryptocurrencies is brightening in Europe as the Cryptoasset Markets Act (MiCA) is finally published in the Official Journal of the European Union

In Europe, from December 30, 2024, the application of this law, which introduces licensing rules for cryptocurrencies will come into force.

The MiCA law offers cryptocurrency companies, such as exchanges, the opportunity to operate throughout the European Union.

The law also introduces new financial and governance requirements for stablecoin issuers. This is a decisive turning point for the crypto industry, which until now has operated within a relatively vague regulatory framework.

It’s fair to say that this law will introduce a huge number of constraints, but its only positive point, in my view, is that it clarifies the situation in Europe. When you see what happens in the USA when nothing is clearly defined, you have to wonder.

We can also ask the same questions in Europe, as the long-term impact of MICA on the crypto industry also leaves me wondering.

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