Burners – web3 privacy protocol


Burners – web3 privacy protocol. Find out more about the features and benefits of this ecosystem, as well as direct access to its website.

Burners is a web3 privacy protocol built on the telegram API.

Secure your funds, privately. Generate pre-funded anonymous burner wallets in 3 seconds. Find out how?

Burners – introduction:

The Burners bot enables users to deposit Ether, subsequently funding new or existing wallets with freshly mixed Ether from the Burners Router for a nominal and fluctuating fee.

The expenses for maintaining and advancing the Burners bot and its expanding ecosystem are sustained through a modest fee extracted from each private transfer.

Presently, numerous solutions exist in the market. However, they tend to be overly complex and burdensome, causing everyday users to shy away due to the potential risk of fund loss stemming from simple errors.

This is a simple solution for privatizing Ether on the Ethereum mainnet. In particular, to several wallets at once. And so the Burners bot was born. A user-friendly, ultra-fast way of feeding several wallets at once with clean, mixed Ether.

Specific Use Cases

Although there are no hard rules in place for what you can or should use the Burners bot for, there are 3 prominent issues that the bot was built specifically to address.

For Traders: Engaging in trading or swift transactions via Telegram bots such as Maestro, Banana Gun, or 0xLeverage often necessitates funding multiple wallets. Traders can effortlessly generate new wallets on demand, instantly supplied with fresh, mixed Ether. They can even fund pre-existing addresses.

For Developers: Within the realm of web3, testing and deploying pose among the most challenging workflows across the entire development industry. Certain developers (ahem) handle multiple (external) projects simultaneously and managing test wallets without intermixing or connecting projects becomes significantly more manageable when we can swiftly create freshly funded mainnet wallets with a single click.

For Washers: I’ve encountered every conceivable reason for individuals seeking to privatize their transactions or “cleanse” their Ether. Most often, people simply seek a means to conceal their sales in projects they felt compelled to retain or publicly disclosed their position in (only to regret this later). Burners serves as your crypto safeguard.

Token, DAO & Revenue Share

Projects like Burners bot require a community to sustain them, communities tend to thrive when charts are green and tokens are rising in price – but that’s not sustainable since we all know that charts turn red and like Rome, prices fall quick. That’s why it was decided to develop revenue sharing and a DAO.

Community revenue sharing

It has been decided that it’s best to offer the community different ways of generating revenue through the Burners ecosystem. The main (and only) way we can do this at the moment is to offer a proportional share of the revenue generated by the ecosystem from fees.

This will be managed via a native ERC20 token. It will most likely be put into play via the website or the bot itself, and will give users access to certain benefits within the bot.

DAO governance

Holding the platform’s native token will allow users to have a say in the direction of the Burners ecosystem through a voting mechanism and a dedicated DAO group, helping to shape the platform through development, marketing and community decisions.

Direct access to the official website

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