Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends, here is what we can say about it

Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends, here is what we can say about it. Discover this DeFi project and its official website.

Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends

Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends is inspired by the classic arcade-puzzle games that have stood the test of time.

The ultimate goal and mission of pioneering the popularization of Play-to-Earn (P2E) through Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends.

The goal is to provide a next-generation gaming experience for players by combining modern and classic game genres so that all types of players can enjoy this gaming platform together.

‘Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends’ plans to embrace the e-sports scene by seasonally hosting a global competitive league. Players all around the world can participate with their family and friends in the ranked league win a multitude of prizes.

This game aims to create a decentralized ecosystem. The goal is to combine decentralized governance and incentive systems through staking.

Baby Shark Bubble Fong players who have staked BBF tokens can participate in the decentralized governance of the ecosystem and receive rewards.

Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends, the 4 important aspects that are followed for its development:

1. Develop a game that anyone can easily play and enjoy:

The popular classic arcade genre was chosen to provide players with a fun and engaging gameplay as well as to lower the requirement of game understanding needed to succeed in the game. Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends is a combination of the classic ‘bubble shooter’ game style that everyone knows and loves and the recently popularized Battle Royale style. Both game styles have proven their longevity, and a combination of the two will maximize the fun and excitement that both game styles provide while also lowering the skill and knowledge entry barrier for gameplay as much as possible.

2. Integrate an IP with global recognition:

The two IPs of ‘Pinkfong’ and ‘Baby Shark’, which have achieved global recognition and high brand value, were applied to the game in collaboration, and the relationships between the characters were also reflected and implemented in Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends. ‘Pinkfong Baby Shark’ has surpassed the YouTube record of 10 billion views, making it the most-watched YouTube video of all time. In addition, ‘Baby Shark’ was the very first nursery rhyme to have been listed on the US and UK Billboard Official Singles Charts. It is an IP that is widely known around the world, winning two awards at the ‘Toy of The Year’ awards ceremony, which is also known as the Oscars of the toy industry.

3. Provide a service that players can enjoy anytime, anywhere:

The goal is for the game to be accessible to play on any platform. So, in order to maximize the number of potential players, Baby Shark Bubble Fong Friends has been developed to be playable not only on mobile devices, but also on PC, TV and game consoles. Further preparations for a variety of platform services are also underway. This game offers the first cross-platform service for a P2E game.

4. Develop strategies for long-term service and relevance.

The plan is to embrace the modern culture of e-sports to maintain its relevance in the gaming industry. The game’s adaptation to a competitive atmosphere has already been proven through successfully hosting an e-Sports competition at G-STAR 2021, South Korea’s largest gaming exhibition. It is planned to create an e-sports league by organizing global competitions in the future.
In summary, the goal is to popularize P2E games by providing a cross-platform game service that is easy to play and learn, whose intellectual property and history can be recognized by anyone, anywhere, and that is designed to remain relevant for a very long time in the casual and competitive gaming scenes.

NFT news, what to remember with this project:

In Bubble Fong Friends, players can convert characters, friends, and items into NFTs.
Player-to-Player transactions are supported on the BBF NFT Market.

Direct access to the official website

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