AZ World, first “SocialFi” to earn on BNB chain

AZ World, first “SocialFi” to earn on BNB chain. Discover its characteristics as well as the direct access to its official website.

AZ World is a 3.0 “SocialFi” To Earn Platform with a lot of new improvements and innovations optimized for users and content creators to make passive earnings.

In the DeFi news, we often talk about GameFi, but a new way to earn money on decentralized platforms is more and more talked about, it is SocialFi.

AZ World

The strengths of the project:

  • Experience of Dev team in MMO and APP development outsourcing market for more than 10 years
  • Bonus cash flow is new cash flow from 3rd party ( Advertising publisher ) – Make token price stable, It will be different from traditional model. This model brings sustainability to the project and the price of the token
  • The first model on the BNB chain in the field of SocialFI and Interact To Earn

AZ World, the steps to start earning money:

Get a short link to earn

The traditional model does not allow you to earn revenue when sharing. Now you can share sales links, documents through this platform – When users participate, you get a total of 80% of the ad revenue from users who participate – The more you share, the more you earn.


1: Have a long link as a document
2: Paste and press the short link.
3: If people click on the short link, they will be redirected to the long link. At this point, when people see the ads, you can earn 80% of the ad revenue.
Step 4: Track and follow the history page.

Cash back for purchases

Get cash back from over 2000 stores in one app and save on the brands you love.

Cooperation has been established with many affiliated brands on the fashion, domain name, travel and restaurant shopping platform around the world to help you buy goods at good prices, special offers and authenticity.

Through the blockchain platform, we will generate innovation in the social networking industry where everyone feels happy and gets rewards. In addition, it also helps to promote sales and develop industries around the world.

Direct access to the official website

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