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AscentPad, what is it?

Jan 6, 2022
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AscentPad, what is it? Learn more about this decentralized IDO/IGO/INO multi-chain launch platform, its benefits and its official website.


AscentPad is an IDO/IGO/INO decentralized multi-chain launchpad with a tiered system.

The sensible 5 tier model includes guaranteed allocation to all tiers. A lottery and burn system will also be implemented to allow investors an opportunity to enter our 5th tier. More information about the lottery system will be announced soon.

Launchpads are crucial as they serve a very important purpose; to ensure investors that their money is protected and that the projects they invest in are trustworthy. All projects launched through AscentPad will be vetted by our team.

Holders of the native token of this ecosystem (ASP) will enjoy many benefits. The most important benefit will be access to different levels depending on the amount of ASPs they ASPs they hold in our DAPP. The higher you are in a level, the more allowances you will receive for IDOs, IOs and IOs. The higher your level, the more allowances you will receive for IDOs, IOs and INOs.

AscentPad a strategic response in a specific environment:

The world of cryptocurrency is an everchanging place. Thousands of new coins are launched daily, with almost little to no technical skill required. Many of these coins are typically launched through what we call a decentralized exchange. Many of these exchanges, such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap, I am sure most of you are familiar with.

On these exchanges, coins that are launched can generally be grouped into categories. Some of the more well-known categories would be DEFI, Metaverse, NFTs, Gambling, Storage, Staking/Farming and Meme coins. Launchpads would essentially be a category; however, it is more of an emerging space becoming more popular everyday. There are different types of launchpads as well. They can generally be categorized into two types, fully decentralized and decentralized with a tier system (some centralization to prevent scams).

Fully decentralized launchpads essentially mean any founder can launch their smart contract on the platform. This mean that there is a very small trust factor between the investors and founder, as no vetting process is required to launch your coin through most of these platforms. Sometimes a whitelist is required for investors but not always. Investors would contribute their coins (usually BNB, ETH or stable coin) and in return would get an allocation of the presale tokens.

A tier system launchpad is the opposite and works differently when it comes to allocation and whitelist. Tier system launchpads usually require the projects launched through their platform to have at least one audit done with a reputable
firm as well as KYC (Know Your Client), otherwise known as “doxxing”. This process is crucial in a tier system launchpad as it helps the launchpad assure to their investors that the project being launched through their platform is safe and trustworthy.

To sum up:

AscentPad and Ascension Technologies aims to guide investors in the right direction when it comes to investing by providing them with legitimate and reliable information.

The goal of AscentPad and Ascension Technologies is to guide investors in the right direction when it comes to investing by providing them with legitimate and verified crypto-currency projects to choose from. legitimate and verified crypto-currency projects to choose from. We want to make sure that your money is safe when money is safe when you invest on our platform.

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