Zexicon, discover a virtual human ecosystem


Zexicon, discover a virtual human ecosystem. Find out more about the aims and characteristics of the project and its official website.

Zexicon, get easy access to a creative group that creates virtual humans used in the metaverse environment.

Those who follow the news of the metaverse will certainly be happy to discover this project, here is why?

Zexicon, introduction:

Zexicon is a project that digitally implements artists, the most analog element in the entertainment industry. With the rapid development of the graphic environment, the application area of digital humans is expanding beyond games, movies, and entertainment to various industries such as public relations, distribution, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Human-like digital humans are expected to play a role as a point of contact for services that can be more convenient and friendly in the metaverse environment, and are generally used as avatars representing humans. As the metaverse service, where virtual and real converge, is spreading, the field where digital humans are used is increasing, and the cases of independent personalization in the form of self-reliance rather than a proxy role for
humans are increasing.

A personalized virtual human is another type of individual who exists in a digital environment and acts like a real human.

Zexicon assigns and manages identities to virtual humans that are applied in various forms, and builds a comprehensive entertainer management database by applying contents that virtual humans can utilize.

Some information on how it works:

Zexicon also introduces and applies entertainment learning AI and develops a virtual AI human that combines it with a virtual human to introduce a truly self-reliant virtual human model. In this series of processes, the block chain creates a new market where digital
content and goods transactions are activated by protecting the NFT technology that proves ownership of digital items and the artist’s IP and content.

Blockchain technology is already working by our side. The virtual human industry applied with blockchain technology that realizes transparency and efficiency without a centralized institution and NFT technology that enables proof of ownership of digital items will change the paradigm of the entertainment industry and make the development of the industry more efficient and robust.

In summary:

This project is poised to redefine entertainment by providing creators and users with a content platform environment that defines new digital standards for entertainment and allows creativity to thrive in our dynamic digital future.

It can also be said that this ecosystem starts with all those who want to create digital content without prejudice, based on creative thinking. This means that the metaverse should not be owned and managed by a central authority. It should be a world where people are given true ownership and the freedom to express their thoughts without restrictions. All of Zexicon’s blockchain projects respect the participation and contributions of all communities and are operated based on the basic spirit of a metaverse that empowers and brings together in a new world.

Direct access to the official Twitter account of the project

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