Zenex, goals and objectives

Zenex token

Zenex, goals and objectives. Learn about the objectives as well as the basic features and functions of this ecosystem.

ZENEX is a one-of-a-kind token of a licensed ecosystem that unites innovations in international payments, crypto-processing, software development and traffic attraction for online businesses.

Zenex and Next-Solution:

The goal is to create a unified ecosystem NEXT-SOLUTION, combining payment system tools, a financial platform for legal entities and individuals associated with the gaming and crypto-industry, and licensed gaming services.

The main objective in building the NEXT-SOLUTION ecosystem is the issue and popularization of the ZENEX token, which is intended to become a means of payment for the system’s residents. Users will be able to receive payments for their services, use the token to market
their structures by creating loyalty and reward systems based on the token, and use the token in airdrop and coupon programs to attract new customers from around the world.

The solutions offered by this ecosystem:

  • Accepting card payments (Visa, MC, Union Pay)
  • Accepting crypto payments online (crypto-fiat gateways)
  • Configurable automatic currency conversion (crypto-fiat, fiat-fiat)
  • Acceptance of crypto-payments at Points of sales through POS terminal
  • Accepting payments via bank transfers (SWIFT, SEPA)
  • Convenient solutions for HIGH-risk businesses
  • Local payment methods
  • Bulk payments
  • Buying crypto in Quick Buy window
  • User-friendly KYC
  • Fraud monitoring and protection against chargebacks
  • Liquidity provision for 150+ currencies
  • Customizable merchant interface integration scenarios
  • Convenient solutions for hi-risk businesses


  • ‘The ZENEX token is a MULTIProtocol token;
  • The base protocol of the ZENEX token is the ERC-20 protocol;
  • The issuance of a ZENEX token on each of the protocols is limited;
  • The total number of tokens issued (Total Supply) on the base protocol
    is 120,300,000 units;
  • The total number of ZENEX tokens issued on additional protocols
    cannot exceed 120,300,000 units on each protocol;
  • The total number of ZENEX tokens in free circulation (Circulating

The ZENEX token, at the current stage of project development, belongs to the utility category, as a universal means of replenishing the balances of partner online services.

External exchanges will be used as the main sales tool, and the token is planned to be listed on several cryptocurrency exchanges within the time frame stipulated by the project roadmap.

Both online services of NEXT-SOLUTION ecosystem residents (mostly gaming ones) and third party online resources will be used as venues accepting the token (using the token as a means of payment).

In order to circumvent restrictions on the choice of sites for listing on the basis of the protocol used, the project team decided to issue the token on the 3 most relevant protocols.

The project team has not included in the roadmap plan, but allows the possibility of replacing the used token protocols with its own blockchain, in order to develop the token as a universal cryptocurrency.

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