Zen token and Zenith protocol, presentation

Zen token

Zen token and Zenith protocol, presentation. Here are the characteristics of the token and the protocol to which it belongs.

Zen token of the Zenith protocol will enable you to continuously accumulate value over time. This is made possible by a business model that includes sustainable revenue generation from subscriptions and strategic airdrop farming operations with our ecosystem fund.

Zen token and Zenith protocol – presentation:

There are two important functions to remember about the token:

  • Revenue sharing: A portion of the subscription revenue generated by Zenith App will be shared with token holders.
  • Ecosystem Fund: Zenith’s scaled airdrop farming operations, fair distribution of accrued tokens, staking mechanism and complex points system ensures the economic stability of the Zen Token.

Additional utility:

The Zenith platform’s complimentary features will be accessible exclusively to token holders. These holders will enjoy cumulative discounts applicable to module subscriptions. By depositing $ZEN, users can accumulate points and partake in the ecosystem fund’s operations.

Zenith farms:

Introducing Zenith: Your Ultimate Solution for Effortless Airdrop Harvesting

Picture a tool that seamlessly integrates all your wallets, protocols, and blockchains, streamlining airdrop harvesting to the simplicity of checking your email. Zenith is crafted with your convenience in mind, simplifying the intricate and consolidating all components into one intuitive, user-friendly package.

In the fast-moving world of agriculture, manual navigation maneuvers and outdated utilities are obsolete. At Zenith Farms, our aim is to revolutionize the user journey. The aim is to offer a platform where automation reigns supreme, ensuring that every task, step and interaction is seamless. Say goodbye to switching between browser profiles, juggling wallets or using third-party applications. With Zenith, everything you need is unified within a single platform.

Zenith also serves as an outstanding wallet manager, eliminating the necessity for cumbersome Excel sheets to monitor your farming progress and wallet balances.

To optimize your utilization of Zenith, this guide has been segmented into 5 sections:

  • Getting Started: Detailed outline of each feature and how they work.
  • Farming: Guides and best practices regarding automated airdrop farming.
  • Tokenomics: Information regarding Tokenomics & Launch, Economics & Flywheel behind $Zen Token
  • Security: Verified contracts and information about our security practices.
  • Resources: Links to Zenith’s socials, FAQ, and referral link system.

4 advantages and features of the protocol:


  • Optimize approach selection and size allocation
  • Perform on-chain actions and set transaction delay filters
  • Randomized routing to help prevent sybil detection


  • Generate unlimited wallets
  • Categorize and group wallets by specific projects
  • Assign CEX deposit addresses and Proxys


  • Manage deposits & withdrawals directly within Zenith dApp
  • Utilize our integrated CEX or On chain funding to streamline transactions and avoid sybil detection by diversifying funding sources.


  • Zenith Ecosystem Fund actively farms a variety of projects, all airdrops received are directly allocated to $ZEN token stakers through points system. The objective is to create an asset that offers comprehensive exposure to a wide array of potential airdrops, maximizing benefits for $ZEN token stakers.

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