Wistaverse, what is the aim of this new metaverse?


Wistaverse, what is the aim of this new metaverse? Find out more about the main aim of this project and direct access to its website.

Wistaverse was born from the need to revolutionize protests in a rapidly changing world.

If you follow metaverse news, then this project will certainly interest you, as it meets an obvious need.

Here is the first metaverse dedicated to protests and social action

The project team quickly realised that a digital solution was needed to enable global support for a cause and to include those who could not attend physical events.

The pandemic has further highlighted the need for a decentralized platform for social movements, activist communities face increased surveillance and lack the necessary tools to organize their communities and participate in activism. Many countries still lack access to protests and individuals fear the consequences of participating.

That’s why Wistaverse, a metaverse dedicated to protests and social action, was created.

This metaverse offers a safe, neutral space for protesters to come together anonymously, with no data collection and complete self-sufficiency.

The platform is community moderated to ensure a secure and trusted environment for social activism. This ecosystem is built on the foundation of democracy and is designed to be a decentralized public good to benefit all users.

Wistaverse, introduction:

Wistaverse is a platform designed to facilitate virtual protests in the metaverse. The platform offers users a virtual space to voice their opinions and participate in immersive events with their communities.

Using avatars and digital tools, individuals can express their messages and show solidarity with a cause through virtual signs, banners and wearables.

The first protest Arena, built to host future historical movements, is open and free for all to access.

Participants will also be able to help their cause raise funds via donations in our native token during protests.

This metaverse will allow community members to use their voting power to amplify donations using the treasury funds which will be continuously fed by a 0.5% tax on all transactions and the sale of avatars and other purchasable items within the ecosystem .

The WISTA token powers the Wistaverse experience. It is built on the fast and low gas fee Polygon blockchain which makes it easy for individuals to participate in the protocol.


Wistaverse’s first virtual protests will take place within The Sandbox Game which is the largest decentralized metaverse to date.

The Wistaverse protocol is designed to function without a central authority. It will be open source and permission-less. The smart contract will be renounced and immutable as soon as every function is fully tested and operational.

Direct access to the official website

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