What is DonaBlock?

What is DonaBlock?

What is DonaBlock? Find out more about this new ecosystem, its project and direct access to its official website.

What is DonaBlock? Discover the introduction to this project, its objectives and features.

What is DonaBlock?

DonaBlock is a platform designed to empower consumers by enabling them to earn intermediate profits (like ShopBack) through their everyday activities such as shopping, dining out, and traveling. These earnings can then be donated to charities or NGOs of their choice (referred to as “ShopGive”). The goal is to foster both social impact and economic value simultaneously.

Through the engagement of merchants, brands, and consumers in philanthropic endeavors tied to daily consumption, both locally and globally, there will be a collective reassessment of societal values.

DonaBlock signifies the inception of a brighter world. With every purchase I make, alongside my neighbors and individuals worldwide, I have the power to transform the world.

Reflecting on the societal ramifications of my daily consumption prompts me to consider the impact I can have.

The philosophy behind this project:

“ShopGive” is about consuming, not because of reasons like “kind behavior, good deeds”, but because it satisfies my needs and creates a positive change.

Social value means values that can contribute to the public interest and community development in all areas such as society, environment, and culture, not just economic value. For example, social safety, care for socially vulnerable groups, creation of quality jobs, co-prosperity, and social integration are all included in social value.

Currently, the world is facing various social problems including social polarization and inequality, and in particular, the crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. From this, the importance of social value that focuses on individuals and communities rather than profits and efficiency is being highlighted even more.

How it works:

DonaBlock is a blockchain utilising platform for conducting ‘smart contracts’, in which the process of contract execution and verification is automated on the network.

From the moment a “ShopBack” is received to the moment a “ShopGive” is made, everything is handled directly and without additional cost, without interference from individuals who would verify the conditions for contract execution.

Based on the low cost and trust in accordance with the agreement, contracts are safely executed, and the donation history is transparently disclosed so that consumers can view and analyze it, creating a culture of donation in which brands and consumers can trust and donate.

DonaBlock’s cryptocurrency is fast, transparent and safe.

In conclusion:

DonaBlock supports online volunteering activities where suppliers and global brands can freely promote and sell their products. Consumers can actively share their donation tokens with others they consider meaningful and valuable.

It’s a platform where consumers can donate the proceeds of their purchases to NGOs, charities or underprivileged neighbors of their choice.

Thanks to the pleasure of buying and the joy of giving, consumers can feel fulfilled. In this way, DonaBlock targets its ecosystem.

Direct access to the official website

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