What is BabyFootball ($CUP) token?

What is BabyFootball ($CUP) token? Here is the first meme betting venue in the cryptocurrency world.


BabyFootball is a cryptocurrency that aims to build a rewards system for both investors and holders.

$CUP will make money by selling tokens and taking a share of the proceeds from lotteries.

The aim is to develop a platform that can be used to not only establish a lottery system similar to your local one but also to create a platform that can be used to access different lottery/raffle-style games via a DAPP.

Here is a platform that will make online games evolve and certainly mark the news of the GameFi for a long time.

BabyFootball, mission and vision

Lotteries offer people the opportunity to radically change their lives.

This prospect has sparked the imagination of millions of people around the world for 500 years, giving them hope for a better financial future.

BabyFootball aspires to be the most popular and transparent lottery and betting platform in the world, with the highest jackpot to offer.

The vast majority of today’s lotteries are centralized or even controlled by governments and are rarely open to the public.

The goal of BabyFootball is to establish a decentralized lottery and betting platform that is not controlled by any country or government.


Baby Football ($CUP) website will provide you with a number of different football markets and diverse odds that you need to bet on.

You won’t have to worry about how it works because everything has been built by dedicated Arsenal fans.

You will be able to access all the bets related to the WORLD CUP, as well as all events.

The platform’s native token ($CUP) will give you the power to make the right decisions, access experiences, earn official rewards and obtain perks.


Lottery games are based on chance and should be played for entertainment only, not investment purposes. Odds and payout vary by game. You’ll Love the Lottery. Scan your tickets. Learn more about Lottery games. Won? Let’s celebrate together! All that and so much more. Easily done, …

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