WALC – blockchain solutions company

WALC – blockchain solutions company. Here are the project’s characteristics, its vision and direct access to its website.

WALC stands as a groundbreaking blockchain company with the primary goal of enhancing the success rates of blockchain projects.

WALC – introduction:

The aim is to create a complete ecosystem using the WALC token to reduce risk for investors and provide the best chances of success for projects.

This ecosystem will create commercial and retail solutions in the real world using blockchain technology to generate profits.

This is the most profitable and largest project on the NEAR protocol.

Accelerator program:

Most projects have good ideas and excellent developers, but find it hard to attract top-level staff to contribute to the success of their project and make it commercially viable.

Teams generally lack skills in marketing, financial planning, forecasting and much more at the commercial level.

This new ecosystem aims to help them through its own incubator.

WALC owns share holdings in the Real Time Payment company (RTP) and is a banking infrastructure payment software solution.

The project has the capability to generate significant profits due to the established markets and lucrative business model.

A percentage of profits from (RTP) will be used to buy back the token from the market via a real world business rather thanfollowing current market trends of relying on the public, this will turbo charge the ecosystem.

Part of the profits will be used to fuel the incubation program and to make key acquisitions as the ecosystem is built up.

The RTP project is financed separately by venture capital and grants, and requires no further outside investment.

In a nutshell:

WALC is driven by a mission to address the primary challenges within blockchain ecosystems, encompassing issues such as high failure rates, skills shortages, funding constraints, and hurdles in adoption. Through nurturing projects in their early stages, WALC significantly amplifies the likelihood of success.

The inaugural project fostered by WALC, Real Time Payments, generates profits that are subsequently utilized to repurchase WALC tokens. This distinctive model establishes a sustainable ecosystem that benefits all projects utilizing the WALC token. By energizing blockchain projects with tangible utility and tailored solutions, WALC is reshaping the landscape of blockchain technology and propelling its acceptance into the mainstream. Their inventive approach directly confronts the barriers impeding the progress of blockchain technology.

Direct access to the official website

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