Talki – world-leading digital learning platform


Talki – world-leading digital learning platform. Find out more about the project’s features and direct access to its official website.

Talki is a Web3 + AI based learning infrastructure that aims to create a community-owned economic ecosystem.

If you follow crypto news, you’ll certainly appreciate this new ecosystem, which brings real benefits that are often under-represented in the Web3 world.

Talki, characteristics, vision and mission:

This ecosystem provides access to the world’s first web3-based digital learning platform, aiming to provide personal, efficient, intelligent and interactive environment for users. This platform can help to evoke uses’ motivation of learning, realize personal development and lead digital transformation of education industry by learn2earn mechanism.

This ecosystem will offer the world’s first intelligent learning platform based on Web3. This platform will provide users with a personalized, efficient, intelligent and social learning experience, as well as an interactive environment. It will stimulate users’ learning motivation and creativity through symbolic incentives and community building. This will help users achieve personal fulfillment and career development. It will encourage innovation and progress in education. The aim is for it to become a leader in the digital transformation of the education industry.

Mission and vision

The basic idea is that by offering a good learning experience and providing ecological incentives to users, it will be possible to:

  • Enable users to learn and earn, which will further motivate them to learn.
  • Enable more users with no experience of crypto-currencies to acquire, earn and own crypto-currencies, and thus become crypto-currency users.
  • Create a decentralized social network with strong autonomous fission capability.

In short, the project will:

For users: to learn and earn money, which will further motivate them to learn.

It will create a decentralized social network with a strong capacity for autonomous fission, and finally, the project will enable more users with no experience of crypto-currencies to acquire, earn and own crypto-currencies.

Direct access to the official website

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