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Information about the Step app. Find out about its features, goals and official website. Reimagine fitness now!

Step App allows you to reimagine fitness! Earn, Socialize, Play, and Compete in the first Health Metaverse, powered by augmented reality.

Step App is the first app on the protocol, built by the core team.

It can be said that the NFT economy has resulted in a variety of bullishness in the altcoins sector. The most prominent of these have been the dominance of GameFi and metaverse products for much of 2021. The greatest performing assets of last year fit into these sectors.

FitFi is at the cross-section of making the physical and the digital; it’s a culmination of a very physical experience (fitness) within the metaverse, through the use of NFTs and geo-location technology. Augmented reality for better immersion is an added feature of Step’s FitFi metaverse.

Step App token:

Step App token economy includes staking, locks, liquidity incentives, buy backs, and burns. These are driven by demand drawn by both gameplay perks and value drawn from the game economy.

FITFI tokens are the governance token. These benefit from ecosystem fees. KCAL tokens are the in-game token. KCAL tokens are used to buy SNEAKs and are earned from running while staking a SNEAK.

Step App

Game Economy

1.Play Income

Micro-transaction: non-Sneak purchases such as map styles, character skins, Sneak skins, skins, etc. Purchase in credit cards or crypto from the shop.

Staked Play: Players can run against friends or match up against others. These competition runs can be done with staked governance tokens. 2.5% fee applies on the winning pool.

Tournament Gaming: Players can compete their step count on a global and regional leaderboard. Tournament wins unlock unique skins and get a dedicated leaderboard. Participation in the tournament requires a ticket, purchases of which feed a prize pool, with the game taking 5% of all accrued ticket fees.

2. NFT Income

NFT Marketplace: A 2.5% fee applies on all NFT trades on the in-app NFT marketplace.

NFT Sales: Limited edition Sneaks are issued once a month.

FITFI Token Value from Game Economy

Buy-backs: 50% of play income is used to buy tokens on the market.

Burns: governance can vote to burn up to 50% of bought back tokens.

Staking Rewards: up to 50% of market bought tokens are distributed to stakers.

Locks: Staked tokens require a 10-day cooldown for exiting, and bypassing this cooldown carries a 12% fee on the principal stake.

Liquidity Incentives: LP tokens get a 50% higher weight in staking rewards.

Step App turns fitness goals into:

– Income
– Social Joy
– Friendly competition

Powered by the leading technology in metaverse, augmented reality, and blockchain.

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