Solmedia – decentralized entertainment platform


Solmedia – decentralized entertainment platform. Introduction to its ecosystem and direct access to its official website.

Solmedia was established with the aim of integrating Web 3.0 with media and video streaming, pioneering the inception of the inaugural on-chain content platform on Solana.

Solmedia – introduction:

Solmedia stands as the pioneering decentralized content sharing platform on Solana, seamlessly blending Solana and Filecoin’s on-chain IPFS technology. Through this integration, Solmedia guarantees a secure video streaming encounter for both content creators and consumers within the realm of Web 3.0. Users can freely watch videos, upload content, and cultivate their communities on the Solmedia platform, devoid of censorship and entirely on-chain.

Upload videos:

Users have the ability to share their content and apply a range of personalized enhancements, such as video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails. Additionally, users can subscribe to preferred content creators to bolster their channels and tailor their feed, akin to features found on

Core Social-Fi Principles:

At Solmedia, we advocate for the fundamental importance of free expression in the realm of web 3.0, fostering transparency across all posted content. This encompasses the visibility of likes and dislikes on videos, along with unthrottled video comments, akin to features found on

Creator Tools:

Forge deeper connections with your audience by sharing announcements exclusively for your subscribers. Users can engage with your posts through likes and dislikes, enabling you to keep your community informed about surprise events—a common occurrence in the crypto space. This functionality resembles features present on

Channel Monetization:

Empowering creators with monetization options is a central focus for Solmedia. All monetization activities on our platform will operate through the $MEDIA token, serving as the primary currency for sending and receiving payments. Creators can receive $MEDIA from viewers through donations and can also offer pay-per-view content, alongside additional revenue streams for their videos, mirroring features available on

Web 3.0 Encryption:

Experience unparalleled privacy by seamlessly connecting your web 3.0 wallet without the need for email, phone numbers, or any personal information. Solmedia adopts wallet login as the exclusive method, ensuring secure registration without any data collection.

Platform Security:

Solmedia staunchly opposes data farming and mining practices common on major social platforms. Through the integration of Filecoin’s IPFS Solana and Farcaster, all data is securely stored on-chain, mitigating concerns about privacy breaches.

Media Decentralization:

Solmedia remains impartial towards video content and refrains from manipulating narratives for its own gain, whether related to crypto sentiment, politics, society, or controversies. On Solmedia, users are shielded from biases, censorship, middlemen, propaganda, or bans, courtesy of blockchain technology.

Zero Gas Fee Usability:

While on-chain data uploads typically incur gas fees, we believe in eliminating the burden of $1-2 gas fees per video upload for a seamless web 3.0 experience. Solmedia offers zero gas fee video uploading, ensuring convenience for all users without compromising on the principles of web 3.0.

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