Snackbox – introduction


Snackbox – introduction. Here are the project’s features and objectives, and direct access to its official website.

Snackbox, a one-stop shop for all project information, advanced AI chatbot, token exchange, token metrics, reserved content and more, all in one place.

Snackbox – introduction:

SNACKBOX AI offers a streamlined web3 link-in-bio solution exclusively for token projects and influencers. This platform centralizes project information and provides a one-stop shop for learning about web3 projects to facilitate engagement with them.

The aim is to provide all resources, including a chatbot to answer any questions. This link-in-bio will certainly greatly enhance the user experience and facilitate the conversion of potential buyers into engaged token holders. The aim is to redefine the way web3 projects and influencers interact with their communities and stimulate engagement.


The SNACK token underpins the SNACKBOX ecosystem with a total supply of 100 million tokens. The tokenomics are crafted to encourage holding and utility:

  • Supply: 100 million total supply
  • Token Tax: 5/5, distributed as follows:
    • 20% revenue share to token holders.
    • 30% allocated to marketing efforts.
    • 30% for project development and operations.
    • 20% buyback and burn to support token value.
  • Revenue Sharing: Monthly revenue sharing for holders of at least 50k SNACK, sourced from the token tax. Revenue will be in ETH and airdropped directly to holders.
  • Buybacks & Burns: The team will take a portion of the tax revenue to buyback SNACK daily and burn the amount bought back once per week. The goal is to help maintain buy pressure and over time decrease the total supply.
  • 5% of the total supply is reserved for a future Tier 1 exchange listing. For SNACKBOX to reach the goals and to take the project big time, a large exchange listing will be necessary at some point.

Personalized AI Bot

This project is an innovative AI-powered solution revolutionizing user research and engagement in the crypto sphere. It serves as a pioneering force in investor education and community empowerment, offering unmatched functionalities that reshape our interaction and comprehension of crypto projects.

At the heart of this ecosystem lies its AI chatbot, meticulously crafted to deliver profound insights and personalized interactions. Here’s what distinguishes it:

  1. Real-Time Insights: By harnessing real-time data and metrics from various online sources, the chatbot ensures users stay abreast of the latest developments, keeping them well-informed at all times.
  2. Elevated Engagement: Beyond mere information dissemination, this chatbot fosters deeper connections and engagement with crypto projects by providing tailored and relevant content, fostering a sense of involvement and connection.
  3. Flexibility Tailored to Your Needs: The SNACKBOX chatbot is highly adaptable, capable of seamlessly aligning with any dataset, content type, or desired personality, catering to the unique requirements of each user.

Token Swap Widget

No more searching for the correct token address, opening up a dex, pasting in the contract and jumping through hoops to simply buy a token. With Snackbox we make it simple, click the swap button inside the project’s link, connect your wallet and perform your swap. All in one place, one streamlined user flow.

Direct access the official website

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