Scash token, features and benefits

Scash token

Scash token, features and benefits. Discover the purpose of this token, its ecosystem and direct access to its website.

Scash token combines Bitcoin’s proven protocol with Monero’s RandomX proof-of-work algorithm to restore decentralized PC-based mining to Bitcoin, just as Satoshi intended when Bitcoin was first released in 2009.

If you follow DeFi news and are interested in new tokens, then this one offers some special features that might interest you.

Scash is implemented as a fork of the popular Bitcoin Core software and follows the same Bitcoin consensus rules, including support for features such as Tapoot. Bitcoin-savvy third-party software developers can add support for Scash with minimal effort.

Scash token – mission:

Scash is an experimental cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin protocol.

  • Continues the mission of providing the world with a P2P electronic cash system.
  • Restores home computer mining
  • Onboards people directly into the system, without the need for fiat onramps
  • Decentralizes mining, making the system more censorship resistant

Scash is focused on value transfer i.e. payments sent directly from one party to another without going through a trusted third party, as described in the Bitcoin white paper.

Scash will always defend home computer mining and upgrade the network as necessary.


Scash uses RandomX as it’s proof of work, enabling anyone with a computer to mine blocks and help secure the network.

RandomX was first deployed on the Monero network in 2019 and has successfully prevented the development of specialized ASIC mining equipment.


Scash follows the same emission schedule as Bitcoin:

21 million

Halving every 4 years

Scash is 100% proof of work:

no dev fund / tax

no premine

no VCS

Getting Started

Scash is currently supported on Linux and Windows.

Binary releases are provided for convenience, but it is highly recommended that users build the application from source.


The Scash node software is based on Bitcoin Core (v26.0).

This token provides the same wallet experience and functionality as the Bitcoin Core GUI wallet.

Direct access to the official website

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