ReduX mission

ReduX mission. The goal is to enable everyone to make a change towards a sustainable energy future.

RecuX technology. The ReduX technologies includes, among other things, a converter for the treatment of fuels – has been fully developed, tested many times and over long periods of time, and
can be used immediately today for all fossil combustion engines.

This technology can immediately improve the ecological and economic balance of all combustion systems used today.

Applications in the field of cars, trucks, locomotives, ships, aircraft, generators, etc. have already been successfully tested for several years on engines available on the market as part of the development of this project technologies.

As a result, ReduX represents a quick, easy, and cost-effective option for optimising the exhaust gas and consumption behaviour of currently available engine technology.

It is fairly simple (plug and play) to retrofit or upgrade today’s combustion engines to make them more environmentally friendly and efficient. As a result, a technical solution to climate protection can be implemented immediately and today. At most, this might even help to enhance today’s combustion systems’ diminishing acceptance. This could also help manufacturers and users project a positive image. This could also help to speed up the transition to new technologies and alternative systems, as well as lower or even eliminate taxes and charges on emissions and fuels, depending on the legal circumstances.

ReduX is the solution to IMMEDIATELY

Sustainability, global warming, and climate preservation are the talk of the town, and purchase decisions are no exception. This is particularly true in the ever-increasing, challenges with fossil fuels:

  • climate change has accelerated as a result of the discharge of
    greenhouse gases.
  • particulate matter production and hazardous emissions
  • resources are running out, resulting in higher pricing
  • due to geopolitical disputes, supply and price risks exist

Nonetheless, fossil fuels constitute a cornerstone of the global economy, and phasing them out quickly is impossible for a variety of reasons, including economic and technological ones.

Hundreds of millions of combustion systems are still in use around the world. As a result, technologies that make existing fossil fuel systems more efficient and climate-friendly are urgently required.

ReduX converters are technically mature components that have now entered industrial production after many years of testing in series production. The cost per unit is usually fully amortised by the fuel savings within the first year of use in most applications. As a result, ReduX is ready to use right away, with a manageable expenditure per application.

Existing engines, regardless of size or design, can be quickly and cost-effectively modified and retrofitted (plug & play). From the first hour of operation, this considerably enhances efficiency (economics) and environmental friendliness (ecology).


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