Recycle-X is a recycling project

Recycle-X is a recycling project. Find out about the goals, objectives and usefulness of this ecosystem as well as direct access to its official website.


Recycle-X has a world-class and second-rate regular storage space and serves a world-class regular storage space.

When the news of decentralized finance talks about ecology and carbon emissions, then, we have to talk about this project, find out why.

Recycle-X project:

This project is a recycling project. In the Recycle-X project, you will buy garbage together with the $RCX token and stake it to treat garbage just like farming. When the garbage left for treatment is converted into energy, the money for the energy will of course be paid to you with $RCX.

Recycle-X Smart Container

After selecting the pilot region with the smart container system, Smart Containers placed in that region will separate your garbage (plastic, glass, metal) in your home and Smart Container will pay you $RCX token with a QR code. In this way, you will have earned income from your garbage and become an environmentally friendly individual.

Gas/Burn facility

Incoming vehicles are weighed full. As a result of laboratory verification analysis, if applicable, the disposal is accepted and the menu is prepared according to the calories, physical and chemical properties of waste in the bunkers.

In 800oC in the rotary oven, gas is released in an oxygen-free environment, and the remaining part is removed as ash. In the second combustion chamber, the contents of hazardous and chemical components are disposed of by breaking apart, with a transition time of 2-3 seconds in 1100oC. The gases generated are passed through the three-stage chimney gas filtration system and reduced to below the limits.

Emissions are monitored by the continuous emission measurement system and can be monitored by the State Agency. The production of electrical energy is carried out by transferring the waste heat exchanger to the gas turbine.


First and second Class regular Storage facility

Recycle-X has a world-class and second-rate regular storage space and serves a world-class regular storage space.

Compliance analysis of non-recyclable waste is conducted in our accredited laboratory under the Regulation on regular storage of waste. The official Appendix- 2 analysis of the waste that is appropriate is done by the waste manufacturer and presented to our company.

Waste is stored in our sites where special geomembran and nonpermeability are provided in accordance with environmental legislation after the compliance of Annex-2 criteria and verification analyzes are checked under the Regulation on regular storage of waste.

Waste Interstorage facility

Modern middlestorage facility with a capacity of 100,000 tons/year ensures that waste can be admitted to our facility after they are checked within our license. In line with quality policies,
waste delivery is provided to companies that we are licensed to within the year.

Direct access to the official website

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