Paladeum, the next-generation payment platform


Paladeum, the next-generation payment platform. Find out more about the project’s objectives and features, and go directly to its website.

Paladeum solves the scalability problem of offline banks as a banking platform for electronic money and protection services using blockchain technology.

Paladeum – mission:

The goal is to create an innovative but secure and reliable blockchain-based banking platform. For individuals as well as businesses, the development team specialized in the banking platform will create the most secure bank through the strictest guidelines.

First, we will implement stable and distributed ledger transparency through the Minerva consensus algorithm of the 3rd generation TrueChain public blockchain, and build private data storage with Hyper-ledger Fabric and Hyperledger Sawtooth.

With the fundamentals, Access, transparency, persistence, portability, compatibility, consensus, minimization, protection, and equality, Etc, Paladeum Blockchain Bank will realize and apply self-sovereign identity for a decentralized identity system through Hyperledger Indy.

Problems with the Traditional Banking System

The existing banking system and the global financial infrastructure are facing severe challenges in meeting the growing needs of users. It is a question that has been raised over and over that the current banking system can only be used by a minority. Accordingly, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, which are not only convenient for users but also easy and convenient for many users, are rapidly emerging as a global financial infrastructure.

We are going to look at the problems that traditional banks have.


Our existing banking system is quite ambiguous, complex and it is also very over-Priced. Transferring money from one country to another has huge processing methods which make it costlier and also time-consuming.

Centralized Banking

In the growing economical world, users’ perspective towards the centralized banking system is slowly changing which calls for the need for a decentralized banking process. Which is why now businesses are slowly opting for banks with a decentralized process. The centralized method is very inflexible for the customers because the entire control lies with the senior management and is not customer-friendly. The most common cause of approaching banks for a commoner is to borrow money, for which the decentralized banking process will be a faster and better option.


Money is taking different forms today, and one among them is cryptocurrencies. Gradually, cryptocurrencies are spreading their wings beyond their crypto community and it is getting into the lives of a commoner, but the problem is that we do not have crypto-friendly banks that can provide a single banking account for handling both the traditional money and the cryptocurrency. There is a lack of infrastructure to support financial transactions between crypto and fiat currencies.

Multi-Currency Handling

There is a lack of knowledge to handle digital assets. There is also not enough security for our digital assets, which makes people hesitant to opt for them. Also, we do not have a structured and rationalized process for converting our digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Paladeum’s solutions:

Paladeum solves the scalability problem of offline banks as a banking platform for electronic money and protection services using blockchain technology.

The traditional banking system is far from the spirit of Web 3.0, Paladeum will reform the current unfair banking system to provide an equal system for all.

It also provides interoperability between banking systems, not limited to one country or currency, but all currencies. Existing banking systems have high maintenance and operation costs and use APIs that are tied to the mainframe, so security and reliability vary greatly depending on the cost of the facility. As a result, large banks are passing these costs on to customers in the form of various bank fees, and small banks are showing many problems with security and stability. Paladeum’s cryptocurrency management solution encrypts all modules required for the bank on-chain.

Everything is made possible by applying the latest development language and best security practices. While maintaining excellent security, transparency, and fast transaction speed, the maintenance and operating costs of banks can be reduced compared to conventional banks, and the problem of scalability of existing banks can also be solved by targeting customers around the world through KYC.

Advantages of the Paladeum Platform

  • With a high degree of automation, Paladeum’s transaction processing costs are significantly lower than traditional banking technologies.
  • Private key and immutability (internal employees or external hackers cannot change the ledger without knowing the user key)
  • Improved transparency of all transactions in the internal chain explorer (any operation, including fee changes, is considered a transaction)
  • Transaction speed – the process from start to completion takes a few seconds.

Paladeum Currency

Paladeum Cash
It has a stable nature, and reduces the volatility of Paladeum Coin to a minimum. Paladeum Cash maintains the exchange rate through the Paladeum’s capital deposited in the Paladeum’s Bank of Palau and an exchange rate prediction machine.

Paladeum Coin
Paladeum Cash is a decentralized digital currency, when the system detects any deviation of the exchange rate of the legal tender, it is necessary to put pressure on prices through algorithms and agreements to normalize prices. Like any other market, Paladeum Coin has the market following simple rules of supply and demand.

Latest important information:

All other things being equal, shrinking the supply of currency will result in higher relative currency prices. That is, when the exchange rate level is lower than the target level, a sufficient reduction in the money supply will restore the price level to normal. In the same vein, expanding the money supply will result in a lower relative currency price. That is, when the exchange rate level is higher than the target level, a sufficient increase in the money supply will restore the price level to normal.

The specific implementation of the above method is done through our system protocol, algorithm and ecosystem auxiliary currency. Paladeum Cash Issuance on the POS consensus type blockchain, miners need to mortgage Coin in it to proceed with Paladeum Cash mining. Similar to other POS consensus, the number of Coin owned determines the mining rights of miners.

In each block cycle, the agreement will select a block producer from the secured miners, who are responsible for summarizing transactions, reaching a consensus among miners, and ensuring that messages are correctly distributed in a short time to produce the next block.

How do we use payara to make the exchange rate of Paladeum Cash currency remain stable, which is an important part of the agreement? Simply put, to achieve the above requirements, we allow anyone to exchange the currencies of this ecosystem at the target exchange rate.

Specifically, from a long-term perspective, the total amount of Paladeum Coin is unchanged, it has a stable demand, so although miners have absorbed the contraction cost of Paladeum Cash currency, its long-term benefits can be guaranteed. Further, the Protocol and algorithm miners will also be incentivized to ensure that miners who maintain the stability of the currency system will be rewarded.

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