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MetaBlox games and features. Discover the features of these new games linked to the world of GameFi.

MetaBlox – Established Web 3.0 Studio with Revenue Sharing, Immersive Gameplay, and Award Winning Team!

If you’ve been following GameFi news, then find out what this new ecosystem is all about, as it may be of interest to you.

MetaBlox, features:

MetaBlox aims to revolutionize GameFi. Using the Roblox platform, its great diversity and different niches, and our experience in development, management and marketing, we are laying the foundations for our token, $MBX. People holding a specified minimum amount of $MBX (TBA) will be eligible for a share of the revenue.

MetaBlox develops top tier games on Roblox’s massively profitable gaming platform, and gives holders a share in all the revenue generated!

Currently, 2 games are available and over 28 content updates have already been made.

The future of user-generated content meets blockchain technology. Backed by a proven team of expert Roblox developers in the top 10% for revenue generation, MetaBlox is bringing together the power of cryptocurrency and game monetization. With real revenue streams already established, holders own a share of the revenue generated by all of the games!

According to analysis by Roblox’s creators, the first game to be created in this new ecosystem reached rank 80 in the global top earners’ chart in its very first week!

With a team that has years of experience in game development and monetization optimization, the plan is to release a new game every two weeks.

To ensure maximum revenue, the game will be fully polished, optimized for the devices on the platform and appropriately marketed.

The team believes in total transparency and will publish a revenue dashboard that all token holders can access, to see real-time statistics for all games combined!

MBX token:

Initial Liquidity Pool
80% of the total supply of MBX will be added to the Uniswap V2 liquidity pool for initial purchase. More liquidity will be added in increments to ensure stable growth.

Marketing & Development
With the current 5% of the supply In the wallet there are plans to distribute these tokens to people who can help bring exposure to the project.

5% Buy Tax (2% Team, 1.5% Marketing, 1.5% Game Development)
5% Sell Tax (2% Team, 1.5% Marketing, 1.5% Game Development)
0% Transfer Tax


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