Logos Foundation, the metaverse dedicated to travel

Logos Foundation, the metaverse dedicated to travel. Discover its features, benefits and its official website.

Logos Foundation

Logos Foundation is committed to creating a new travel metaverse for global users.

The Logos platform and its Logos token (LOG) to provide a wide range of payment solutions. Specifically for transactions related to travel, gaming, e-commerce and money transfers.

The goal is to provide a payment solution tailored to each industry environment, and to help Logos alliance merchants develop the platform as a whole.

Logos Pay Platform:

This protocol is implemented by the DV wallet solution. Indeed, the Logos Pay platform has been designed to be similar to traditional payment gateways, minimizing barriers to entry and maximizing the user experience. User scans the QR code presented by merchant via the payment function in DV Payment Wallet.

The amount paid by user is transferred to Logos trading system instead of waiting for the transaction processing time of cryptocurrencies, Logos pay will use its own authorized verification procedure to process the payment. This enables fast cryptocurrency transaction and process which is carried out in Logos trading system.

Logos Platform, Token and Pay provide scaling financial solutions on Ethereum, enabling transparent P2P transactions with the decentralized network.

Logos Token Economy

Logos Token Economy is aiming a fully functioning cycle among its economic units, and transparent structure that gives enough benefits back to the participants. It will be accomplished first by reasonable figures of the benefits the platform provides, and second by the convenient user experiences that the interfaces and applications we provide.

If you follow the news of the metaverse, then this project will be of particular interest to you, here is why?

Logos Foundation demonstrates why the Metaverse is easier to combine with tourism

It was once thought that the metaverse was only related to the geek world and would not affect our physical world in any way. But due to the worldwide lockdown and the Covid-19 pandemic, the field has been given a huge boost.

So today we see a fusion of the real world and the virtual world. The digital collaboration of two worlds has led to fascinating results: LOGOS — Metaverse Tourism.

Here are five main reasons why the travel industry is rapidly integrating into the Metaverse:

1. Singularity: Virtual tours attract people from all over the world. Today, it may seem like something unusual, even unreal, but in 10 years our society will easily be shifting between the two worlds.

2. Affordable: Tourists no longer have to pay for air tickets and hotels. The journey starts where they want.

3. Convenience: No queues, no climate change, no jet lag, and nothing else that the average tourist faces on a real trip.

4. Cool: Bloggers and social media influencers compete to see who will be the first to spend the holidays in the digital space and tell their fans.

5. Eco-friendly: In the future, virtual tours may reduce pollution from vehicles and engines.

All these factors above become the driving force to combine real tourism and virtual space.

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