LiquidLock, the first truly decentralized multichain liquidity locker


LiquidLock, the first truly decentralized multichain liquidity locker. Discover the characteristics of the project and its website.

LiquidLock is a multichain decentralized liquidity locking service available on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Shibarium, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon with more chains to be integrated soon.

This project is hosted on IPFs which guarantees 100% uptime and security against bot attacks.

DeFi100 carried off a $32 million exit scam in May 2021, leaving investors facing significant losses. Project Promoters build a promising cryptocurrency platform, engage in aggressive marketing, solicit funding from investors, and then ghosting away with the money raised, abandoning the project.

Liquidlock ensures investors that the project developers won’t be able to steal their money in a rug-pull and leave them counting losses.

LiquidLock, how it works:

Developers launch their tokens on Decentralized Automatic Market Makers (AMMs) like Uniswap or PancakeSwap. After being listed, the tokens are seeded by matching them with a prominent coin and adding them to a liquidity pool.

Liquidity pool (LP) tokens, which may be in the form of user crypto asset, developer/team funds, or both, are then given to the developers. The LP tokens can be transferred once they are in someone’s possession, just like any other cryptocurrency token.

Because the creators can simply transfer the token to their personal accounts or exchange it for tokens from other blockchain networks, this renders the token vulnerable to scams.

Developers can use a liquidity locker to temporarily store or lock LP tokens in a smart contract which is what Liquidlock provides.

Why you should use Liquidlock?

– Truly decentralized platform as its hosted on IPFS, meaning 100% uptime and can’t be shut down by anyone.
– Multichain options
– Competitive pricing
– Secured against bots attack.
– Waived fee for 1% $LL token holders which will be reviewed as the project progresses.

Industry-Grade security

Once you lock your tokens, only you can unlock them. The contract is designed according to industry standards and includes protection against many common lock-in contract scams. It will also be audited at launch, as well as audited after our launch.

We can also point out that the contract allows locking many types of tokens. Including native tokens (such as ETH and MATIC), LP tokens for DEX such as Uniswap, Sushiswap and Quickswap, NFTs and all ERC-721 tokens as well as normal or taxable ERC-20 tokens.

The wide range of possibilities makes LiquidLocker useful in many cases, including as a savings vault, liquidity vault and much more. The only limit is your creativity!

Direct access to the official website

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