Landworld, what is it?

Landworld, what is it? This project is developed for the purpose of real estate development investment, discover how?

LANDWORLD solves the problems of the global real estate market with high barriers to entry and closed with a vision of digital innovation, trust, and coexistence. To solve this, we plan to implement a ‘blockchain solution’ global real estate NFT and information sharing service.

There is more and more talk in the decentralized finance news about real estate, here is another good example.

Landworld, what is it?

LANDWORLD is developed for the purpose of real estate development investment, real real estate purchase, real estate joint purchase, etc.

It is an NFT cryptocurrency platform. This project makes investing in real estate as easy as cash. This ecosystem compensates for the shortcoming of real estate that takes a long time to realize profits, It was designed to shorten the time, and by incorporating real estate, uncertainty, which is a disadvantage of the coin, is reduced Made for stability.

Global Real Estate Investment And Information Platform

We are trying to become a symbol of real estate coin, a new financial product.

The concrete benefits for you:

By participating in the LANDWORLD real estate platform, you can easily start investing in real estate by investing in land with high development value.

By applying blockchain innovation to the real estate market, secure real business sites such as buildings, apartments, condos, and hotels. It is planned to build this ecosystem by sharing real estate information with the platform’s users.

Landworld payment:


This is a function that allows you to freely pay at LANDWORLD affiliated merchants.

No separate procedure is required and you can transfer the LANDWORLD you have in your wallet.

It is a system that can be used conveniently like cash. Hotels • Condos • Commercial real estate including camping (all accommodations) We plan to MOU to purchase a lifetime pass with LANDWORLD.

There are plans to expand the platform so that you can use the lifetime pass for all types of accommodations such as hotels, condos and camping.

In addition, LANDWORLD will expand the scope of life in general, such as daily necessities, electronics, automobiles, insurance, mutual aid, etc. Smart purchasing is possible through the platform,and we are preparing to develop our own brand through OEM and ODM.

Here is the official Telegram account of the project

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