IGNT – Ignite, the project that promotes the democratization of blockchain


IGNT – Ignite, the project that promotes the democratization of blockchain. Here’s a presentation of its ecosystem and direct access to its website.

IGNT – Ignite is a project that was born to foster the democratization of blockchain.

The goal is to break down traditional barriers to token launch, creating a level playing field for all. The Ignite token, IGNT, revolutionizes the way tokens are launched, exchanged and managed in the dynamic DeFi universe. IgniteExchange, DynamicSale by Ignite and IgniteDeployer are leading this evolution.

$IGNT – Ignite ecosystem:

The Ignite ecosystem serves as a vital hub, empowering innovators and aspiring teams to flourish. By lowering entry barriers, bolstering security, and innovating in liquidity management, our goal is to effect a positive impact across a multitude of blockchains.

The ambitious vision is to disrupt the blockchain industry by delivering user-friendly, cutting-edge tools that enhance the experiences of both developers and traders in numerous ways – all while keeping simplicity and accessibility at the forefront. Ignite is not just about igniting change; it’s about fueling an unstoppable revolution.

The ecosystem is made up of:


IgniteExchange stands as a cutting-edge trading platform that places a strong emphasis on simplicity, flexibility, and inclusivity for traders of all backgrounds. More than just another DEX, IgniteExchange offers a transformative experience tailored for both developers and investors. Introducing new features, e.g., IgniteLP, SwapOnPool, and innovative fee structures, IgniteExchange provides an unparalleled trading ecosystem. Although initially centered around Ethereum, IgniteExchange envisions an expansive future, with ambitious plans to integrate other prominent EVMs, securing its status as a future-proof choice for your trading endeavors.

Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of cryptocurrencies or a seasoned trader, IgniteExchange guarantees an efficient, secure, and user-friendly journey. It goes beyond being a mere tool; it acts as a gateway to the limitless potentials of decentralized finance. IgniteExchange represents the fusion of technology and simplicity, where innovation converges with accessibility.


Introducing IgniteDeployer, a hassle-free solution for token launches on IgniteExchange. With IgniteDeployer, projects can effortlessly generate their token contract at no cost, saving them the need to hire a developer or navigate complex contracts.

The IgniteDeployer contracts come pre-audited by SolidProof, ensuring enhanced security and reliability for your project. You can have peace of mind knowing that your contract has undergone rigorous scrutiny.

Managing your token becomes a breeze with the user-friendly interface of IgniteDeployer. Whether you need to adjust taxes or renounce certain aspects, you can easily make changes without any complications. By offering a token deployer with audited contracts, the aim is to create a more secure exchange environment on IgniteExchange compared to other DEXs. You can trust the integrity and reliability of your token contract, allowing you to focus on the success of your project. IgniteDeployer is designed for seamless, secure and convenient token launches on IgniteExchange.

IGNT – Tokenomics

$IGNT is your digital keychain to the Ignite ecosystem. Ignite was fair-launched in August 2023 on the Ethereum Chain where 80% of the supply was made public.

Buy Tax: 5%
Sell Tax: 5%
Wallet Transfers: 0%

This ecosystem is evolving, and you can find out more about it by visiting the project’s official website.

Direct access to the website

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