Earthlings, gaming metaverse, introduction


Earthlings, gaming metaverse, introduction. Here are the project specifications and direct access to the official website.

Earthlings is the first gaming metaverse on the most sustainable DLT Hedera.

If you’ve been following metaverse news, this project is sure to appeal to you. Find out why below.

Earthlings – introduction:

Earthlings is a gaming and metaverse experience that is free to play for everyone. Here are quality gaming to Web3 on the Hedera ecosystem, changing the game for real this time.

This project is a family-friendly, fun-to-be-in gaming experience where people can can embark on, collect in-game STEAM and WATER tokens, track down rare in-game collectibles, explore a gigantic world of over 2800 km² for lost cities and civilizations, purchase real estate in the main cities, or buy a town, village, or plot of land.

Become a mayor, shop owner, tech specialist, or even a banker or airship captain, and earn game tokens when others start a ‘savings’ account in your bank or use your means of transport to travel. A high-quality designed vintage and steampunk-influenced fantasy world where Web3 will give gamers extra tools to enhance their game experience.


The world we know now has disappeared. Driven by corrupt governments, countries ruined the earth and finally brought it to destruction in the biggest war ever at the end of the 21st century. Only remnants of the old world remained, and people had to rebuild a completely new society all over again, looking for old technology, searching in what is left of the old cities.

With all modern technology gone, we find ourselves in a world with new steampunk influenced 50s-70s technology. Men finally found ways to integrate technology into living beings. People, now more in sync with nature, adopted animals and upgraded them with this new technology. Humans are looked at as one race now, not living in the country of Germany for example, but living in the Province of Europe with their capital city New Paris.

Their nationality is no longer of any importance.

People are now finally what they were always meant to be: Earthlings!

Map style and layout

The game is divided into the 11 new “provinces”, starting in Europe with New Paris. It will relate to the real world with a fantasy and steampunk-influenced look and feel, but… family friendly! No shooting, spiritual influences, zombies, or bad language, but still exciting and adventurous to play!

Each region will have its own bio-geographical style associated with the regions we know today. People will be able to travel around the world. You will have to board a train or airship and pay with the game token. Taking an airship to another continent will take quite some time, but will make it possible to interact with other players while you travel.

The main cities play a key role in every region as you will find the business tower in the center along with the town hall and office buildings. You can organize your events here or set up your business in any form you’d like! It’s a small part of the metaverse concept built into the game. Some floor levels are reserved for our partners.

As an Earthling, you’ll find yourself in a world with a mix of vintage, steampunk and fantasy styles.

Land options:

Land purchase

There are many options to earn one of the game tokens. We will start with the main concept, which involves being a plot owner. Earthlings will incentivize people to get in early on the project by rewarding early adopters with initial airdrops.

These airdrops can include in-game items, whitelist spots, or tokens. There are five types of land, each with its own benefits, and all of them will receive early airdrops.

City buildings

Be a citizen of this new amazing world and become a gallery, museum, or shop owner in the city. More options will follow at a later stage. There will be some unique games in the city, and since you will find more traffic in the cities and big events are most likely to be organized there, it might be an interesting place to start your journey.

There are more travel options in cities, and as a city resident, you can travel at a discount to new cities (which will open in the future). Also, stores will have more to offer. Get a city plot before they run out!

Direct access to the official website

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