DeeLance, the fully decentralized metaverse for freelancers


DeeLance, the fully decentralized metaverse for freelancers. Find out more about this new project and direct access to its website.

DeeLance, tomorrow’s metaverse for freelancers. This project will delight those who follow the latest developments in the metaverse, as it responds to a concrete problem and proposes a forward-looking solution to encourage the development of Web3.

Discover the first decentralized platform to revolutionize the way freelancers get in touch with potential employers in the Metaverse.

DeeLance: introduction

The aim of this ecosystem is to transform the remote working economy through decentralized metaverse freelancing.

DeeLance is building an innovative metaverse, powered by cryptocurrencies and NFTs, that brings freelancers and employers together. The platform’s goal is to forever transform remote working, as well as the $761 billion recruitment industry. Think of DeeLance’s metaverse as a work-focused, blockchain-based digital space designed to enable freelancers and employers to benefit from lower fees than the leading existing freelance websites.

At the heart of DeeLance’s approach is the tokenisation of freelance work products in NFT, facilitating the secure and reliable transfer of work ownership. This directly addresses long-standing challenges in the digital freelance space, such as copyright infringement and payment fraud, and provides an unprecedented level of security and peace of mind for all stakeholders.

Meanwhile, unlike many existing freelance platforms, which can be difficult to sign up to and take a significant share of a freelancer’s income, DeeLance is very accessible and offers extremely low fees.

The mission:

At DeeLance, our mission is to integrate the freelancing industry with the latest technological advances such as the metaverse, NFTs and the semantic web (web3).

In doing so, the aim is to offer a fully decentralized and user-centric experience, allowing buyers and sellers to directly own their work in a transparent, efficient and secure ecosystem.

The platform also offers reduced transaction fees and instant payment solutions through the use of crypto-currencies, further enhancing the overall user experience.

The DeeLance ecosystem is built on three key pillars:

  • Cutting-edge NFT marketplace
  • Revolutionary Metaverse
  • Innovative freelancing & recruitment platform.

Together, these pillars offer a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to streamline the freelance process and create a more seamless experience for all users.

In this digital arena, this ecosystem provides transparency and digital work ownership to freelancers and buyers.

Step into the DeeLance Metaverse with confidence, socialize with others, get exclusive access to Metaverse VIP Experience, buy Commercial Land or office, do Billboard advertisements for brand awareness, and gain access to unique tools & services with $DLANCE token!

$DLANCE Tokens:

$DLANCE is the native token used in the DeeLance Ecosystem.

The total supply of $DLANCE tokens is 1 billion (1,000,000,000), which is divided into 7 pools. 30% of the tokens have been allocated for presale (there is no vesting on it). While 10% being used for liquidity pool, 2% for rewards and 16% of $DLANCE tokens will be held for CEX listing.

The tokens offered in the presale will be unlocked on Token Generation Event. While the rest 10% for the team, 18% reserved for platform development, and 14% for advisors and partnerships will be locked for 12 months to 36 months and will be released gradually.

The token has 0% transaction tax.

From owning virtual land to creating immersive freelancing experiences , the $DLANCE token is the key to unleashing your creativity and building the metaverse of your professional dreams.


DeeLance is creating a unique concept on Metaverse technology, which is rapidly gaining popularity worldwide. The aim is to move users to another dimension within the digital universe, Metaverse – where Freelancers can get their own office in the metaverse and become powerful workers while Buyers can interact with freelancers in the office space and have a discussion through voice or video conference calls in the meeting room.

Metaverse lobby arena: It is an open hall for user interaction. The buyers and freelancers can interact with anyone in Metaverse Lobby Arena.

Metaverse Office: Imagine a large number of employees sitting in a virtual room, and buyers interacting with sellers in digital avatars. It is a virtual office space for meetings and collaboration of freelancers with buyers in Metaverse with tools to keep track of important details and reminders about meetings.

Meeting Room: Metaverse meeting room will help buyers and freelancers to connect and collaborate based on availability, minimizing interruptions and maximizing momentum.

If you follow NFT news, you’ll certainly like what follows.

How can freelancers use Web3 and NFTs to monetize their services?

Freelancers can tokenize their selling assets into NFTs and transfer ownership to the buyer after finalizing the deal. Tokenization makes each item unique and assigns value depending on its rarity. There are different ways freelancers can use Web3 to monetize their digital content depending on their field.

Freelance writers
A freelance writer or content creator can sell their written work to a buyer as an NFT.

Freelance music artist
Music artists can release limited or exclusive runs of their work in the form of NFTs on the Marketplace. They can also simplify the percentage of royalties they earn by using song NFTs from the Marketplace.

Freelance Architects/Interior designers
An architect or interior designer can create designs, buildings, houses, and structures in the Metaverse using platforms and sell their designs along with ownership in the form of NFTs to the buyer.

NFT Market Place

DeeLance NFT Marketplace offers buyers and freelancers the opportunity to create, sell, purchase, bid, collect, trade, or showcase NFTs.

The platform will host popular assets, such as NFTs related to art, photography, trading cards, music, tickets, and virtual worlds.

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