Crypton AI, introduction to its ecosystem

Crypton AI, introduction to its ecosystem. Find out more about the project and direct access to its ecosystem.

Crypton AI, the all-in-one solution on Telegram Open Network (TON).

If you follow DeFi news, you’ll have noticed that more and more protocols are using Telegram, here’s a new one.

More than just a token, Crypton is an entire ecosystem dedicated to providing cutting-edge tools that transform the way you interact with the world of crypto-currencies.

This comprehensive ecosystem includes a wide range of tools that help traders find new token launches in real time, check their security and trade them easily. In addition, this ecosystem offers a powerful tool for tracking the activity of any portfolio that can help you follow the steps of successful traders.

For token developers, it’s set to offer – from the fastest, most customizable buybot on TON to a comprehensive marketing package that includes placement on TON Trending, buybot ads that reach over 60,000 people a day, ads on the TON Deploys channel and a token scanner, enabling tokens to reach a wider audience while feeding our revenue-sharing program with more funds for Crypton holders.

Crypton AI provides users with the tools they need to effortlessly navigate the dynamic crypto-currency landscape.

Crypton AI, contract deployments:

Token Deployment Channel – Stay informed about the latest Ton pairs introduced via our Crypton Deploys Bot channel. Receive immediate notifications when a project is deployed, along with updates when liquidity is added. Crypton’s Token Deployment Bot guarantees real-time alerts for new Tokens/LP Deploys on Telegram’s official TON Blockchain.

Buy bot:

Introducing your essential companion for the official Telegram Blockchain, tailored exclusively for the dynamic TON Community. Seamlessly stay informed and effortlessly handle your token transactions. Accessible to all, enhancing your crypto journey with seamless navigation. Are you a developer seeking a buybot for your project? Explore the buybot channel for setup guidelines on the optimal solution for the TON network.

TON trendig:

Crypton’s Trending Bot, TON Trending, serves as your portal to uncovering the freshest and most popular tokens gaining traction on the TON network. Dive into the vibrant realm of trends across 10 Pools, where real-time updates are refreshed every 30 seconds. Keep abreast of the latest developments on the Ton Chain, ensuring you’re thoroughly informed about the current trends and shifts.

Cryptonite Analyzer:

The Cryptonite Analyzer bot swiftly produces accurate analysis reports for TON Chain Tokens. Easily detect potential scams through its intuitive interface, offering comprehensive insights into token origins, deployer’s history, transaction records, and smart contract details.

Supet bot:

Crypton Super Bot is a game-changer for your trading endeavors on the TON blockchain. This highly efficient bot stands out for its remarkable speed and accuracy, redefining how you navigate the market. Specifically designed for executing liquidity snipes, placing limit orders, and acquiring tokens, Crypton Super Bot ensures you’re always one step ahead. Its lightning-fast transactions not only optimize your trading strategy but also guarantee that you secure the most advantageous deals available.

Wallet Tracker:

The Crypton Wallet Tracker is essential for conducting thorough analyses of any wallet’s activity. In upcoming updates, it will have the capability to identify transaction records and potentially detect airdropped wallets associated with launches from the developer wallets you monitor.

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