Armonia Meta Chain – Cutting-edge public blockchain

Armonia Meta Chain

Armonia Meta Chain – Cutting-edge public blockchain. Find out more about its features and direct access to its official website.

Armonia Meta Chain (AMC) represents a cutting-edge, decentralized public blockchain. Utilizing a unique mother-child multichain structure and innovative APOS consensus mechanism, it aims to deliver robust parallel processing capabilities and exceptionally low transaction fees. AMC’s overarching objective is to cater to billions of users worldwide in the future.

AMC is positioned to underpin web3.0 and the metaverse as a foundational technological framework. It strives to accommodate the diverse requirements of blockchain users and continually generate value for the global blockchain community.

Armonia Meta Chain, the blockchain that meets real needs :

While promoting security, reliability and decentralization is important, there is currently no blockchain technology capable of satisfactorily meeting the following requirements:

  • massively parallel processing
  • modularity and scalability
  • customizable and configurable

Armonia’s founding team believes that a multi-chain blockchain platform technology is needed to achieve the above objectives, which can then serve every individual and business user worldwide. Armonia’s founding team is also convinced that the metaverse to be built will be a truly decentralized, open, multi-chain universe that will host users, assets, transactions and critical DApps based on smart contracts.

Armonia Meta Chain (AMC) is a highly scalable public blockchain to empower a multi-chain universe. AMC Mainnet was launched in April 8, 2022 and has achieved:

10 M+ registered accounts on-chain

500 K+ downloads/installations of APLink wallet

10 K DAU

100 DAPPs

5 Dev DAOs (Genesis/APLink/Galaxy/MetaFan/BitOne)

Objectives & Principles

Armonia operates on a mother-and-child multichain blockchain platform, where Armonia Meta Chain (AMC) serves as the primary chain overseeing multiple sovereign Armonia Child Chains (ACC).

AMC is engineered to be exceptionally secure and efficient, offering minimal to zero transaction fees. It facilitates inter-blockchain bridging and asset mirroring, enabling the development of numerous DAPPs on its platform.

With its multichain architecture, Armonia is positioned to accommodate at least one billion users globally.

Core Objectives

To build a unified account and transaction addressing/routing system for the entire Armonia multichain universe;

AMC will issue a native token $AMAX, which will serve as the foundational value engine and trust anchor for the entire multichain based ecosystem;

To provide layer-0 and layer-1 blockchain template implementations and SDK which enables rapid blockchain creation and deployment for vertical application domain specific child chains that can inter-operate with AMC freely for asset mirroring and bridging;

ACC chains can be homogeneous chains or heterogeneous chains, public chains, private chains or alliance chains, etc., which can have their own choices and formation of consensus algorithm, virtual machine, block interval, finality and permission scope, etc. that determine a unique blockchain system;

After registering and staking escrow via the AMC chain, all distributed Internet resources (including distributed file storage, computing and networking, etc.) can be easily accessed and accurately metered. There will be various onchain charging models and open markets for all Web3.0 resources available throughout the Armonia network. The Armonia multichain platform can therefore become the cornerstone of the metaverse.


The Armonia meta chain has its native token $AMAX which is not only a source of power to all activities on AMC but can also serve child chains and even become their native token when chosen so by the child chains.

The total supply of $AMAX is 1 billion and there won’t be any systematic inflation. Armonia DAO can decide whether to implement inflation to $AMAX for the success of the ecosystem.

Direct access to the official website

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