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Apiens, NFTs space

Mai 19, 2023
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Apiens, NFTs space. Find out more about the aims and features of this new ecosystem and its official website.

Apiens is a community-focused meta-fashion start-up that aims to launch blockchain-integrated clothing (BIC). The mission is to build, support and reward a strong community of NFT fashion enthusiasts.

If you’re interested in and following NFT news, check out this new ecosystem.

APIENS, what are we talking about?

The Gen 1 NFT collection was launched in Q1 2022 and minted 4229 young 3D high fashion monkeys on the blockchain.

The idea is that an NFT should be more than just a new profile picture, which is why we allow our holders to make their NFT work for them.

The Gen 1 Stake Program allows holders to stake their NFT and in return they receive a growing list of benefits, such as royalty shares on all secondary sales on OpenSea, profits and royalty shares on future Gen 2 launches and sales, free NFT airdrops, VIP whitelist access, exclusive access to our partner ecosystem and more.


To be world’s #1 NFTs community & be a synonym for blockchain integrated clothes (BIC).

Apiens will develop in two ways:

1. The known shit, and 2. The unknown shit.

The known shit: In the long term, our goal is to create a sustainable business that generates revenue and supports the development of the Apiens ecosystem. This is well known to our stakeholders and contributes to long-term value creation.

The unknown shit: This is about conducting new experiments, capturing emerging trends or launching innovative products and making them freely available to our owners. One example is NFD – Non-Fungible Dates. With this product you can own all the historically significant dates that are important to you!

Direct access to the official website

Vous aimez, partagez-le à vos amis, merci!


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