Adadex – Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Center


Adadex – Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Center. Find out more about the project and how to access the website.

Adadex (ADEX) is a decentralized network of AI services accessible through Blockchain infrastructure. Developers and developers can publish their services in the Adadex metaverse area, where they can be used by anyone with an internet connection. Developers can earn money for the use of their services using the native ADEX token.

It can cover the full spectrum of offerings in artificial intelligence and robot learning. Image/video, speech, text, time series, bio-AI, network analysis etc. Robots can be developed in numerous fields such as These services are used by the commands given to the robots, roadmap, a complete end-to-end solution to an industry problem, or a standalone AI application Adadex. A developer can also deploy and use autonomous AI agents that work with other services in the network.

If you follow NFT news, you’ll be happy to know that you can create and sell your own smart NFTs on the NFT market thanks to this platform.

Adadex – Metaverse:

Adadex (ADEX), artificial intelligence robots to be developed in the Metaverse field will facilitate your company or individual additional work. Developers can develop and sell artificial intelligence robots in the metaverse space.

Our artificial intelligence infrastructure includes many features such as Image/video, speech, text, time series, bio-AI, network analysis etc, Article preparation. We design demo robots for individual users, it will be enough for them.

Our robots can do any job it is commanded to. After logging into the Metaverse area, the opening will take place with companies and individual users. With the agreements to be made with the companies rising in the market in this field, our artificial intelligence robots will be integrated into the metaverse areas of each company.

Metaverse World of Artificial Intelligence Robots

After logging into the metaverse world of Adadex robots, you can log in to the store and command the robots to run your own business. The robots have been developed with an artificial intelligence algorithm that a real human will answer for every question you ask our robots.

Robot technology

This project offers special robotic technology for you. By controlling Metaverse robots with artificial intelligence, your company can get the job done faster.

Direct access to the official website

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