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Homie Wars, Free Metaverse & Battle-to-Earn Games. Discover all the features of this ecosystem as well as direct access to its official website.

Homie Wars

Homie Wars is the first free-to-play battle royale game with Web3 integrations (crypto, NFTs, interoperability, and composability) and free-to-earn mechanics. With a powerful business plan, meticulously calculated revenue streams (Web2 and Web3), and professional expertise utilized in the construct of the game economy model, Homie Wars provides a sustainable tokenomics and rewards structure, while providing a fun and exciting experience for players of all types and ages, moment by moment.

Homie Wars, introduction:

By accessing the platform, the user seamlessly enters the Homieverse. This is a unique and engaging metaverse where users (Homies) can interact with each other and with their environment.

They can do this in a variety of ways, such as: attending events, playing mini-games, joining sub-communities, trading skins and real estate, and much more!

Beyond the fun and exciting ways to interact between games in the Homieverse, there are also access points that transport users to the different game modes.

Each of these game modes is built upon a battle royale foundation; meaning each game mode’s earning mechanism follows a battle-to-earn model (some of which provide free-to-earn opportunities). In order to earn, one must overcome their opponents, depending on their skill and utilizing different strategies based around the Homie skins (NFTs) that they own.

In this fast-paced industry we know your time is valuable. While investing your time in The Gym to practice and train is advised, and will always assist players in developing their skills, you aren’t required to spent countless hours grinding and playing the game to have a chance at victory. The battle royale and tournament models implemented allow for equal opportunity to all players, keeping the competition exciting.

Bottom line:

The Homie Wars team has devised an innovative way to introduce a balance between skill-based and pay-to-win models of play; meaning that those with the funds to do so can purchase the appropriate NFTs that fit their desired play style, while those with the time to develop their character can level up and gain the same benefits. In both cases, limiting both sides of the spectrum prevents any one approach from having an advantage over the other – creating a truly fair and balanced model in the game, which also supports an in-game economy that mimics that of the real world.

The Battle2Earn Metaverse

Homie Wars isn’t your typical blockchain game. As a Homie you also are native to the Homieverse; the central location for Homies to hang out, chat, engage in various activities and games, and of course get to the meat and potatoes: battle-to-earn gaming!

In each of these battle-to-earn game modes, participants must survive round-to-round, until the last Homie standing is crowned the winner.

While survival sounds simple in theory, the execution is much more complex. During each round players must persevere through challenging situations to reach the finish line: overcoming obstacles, avoiding falling, surviving the melee of opponents, and most of all managing the strategies of other players (or teams of players).

But in this family-friendly environment it isn’t all about battle and mayhem. Homies can just hang out in the Homieverse, socializing and engaging in less competitive events.

NFT News with Homies: When we talk about the NFT system within Homie Wars, we talk about our Homies, those beings that represent each user within the HomieVerse. Every week there will be a HomieBox Raffle among the holders who staked a certain amount of $HomieCoins during that week. In each Raffle we will distribute a maximum of 1000 HomieChests randomly among all the people who sign up. No limit of wallets. Each wallet will only be able to get a single box with at least one NFTHomie inside

Direct access to the official website

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