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Tesla – Decentralized Stock Trading

Mai 2, 2023
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Tesla Decentralized Trading. Here is the technical analysis of the Tesla stock that you can now trade in a decentralized manner

Tesla Decentralized Stock Trading

Tesla decentralized stock trading, is it possible?

Yes, absolutely, thanks to a decentralized trading platform, allowing you to trade without KYC, without registration, and directly with your money, without sending it to the broker. But the best thing to do before you start is to always stay informed about what the price is doing and what it might do in the future.

Decentralized US Stocks Trading

TESLA news

Analyzing Tesla’s numbers in China, the first time Tesla’s prices in the country have dropped.

The stock fell 64% in 2022, finishing last year among the 10 worst performers in the S&P 500. Shares gained nearly 17% in early 2023.

A number of investors and analysts said Tesla suffered from CEO Elon Musk’s controversial purchase of Twitter, which he bought in October.

One bright spot: Tesla has been able to work around the impact of commodity price increases incredibly well over the past two years post-CVID. The price cuts it has put in place will likely have less impact on its gross margin if the price of these raw materials drops

Tesla decentralized stock trading

Technical analysis of Tesla ( TSLA ):

My pivot point is in this area: $160

My preference:

It is imperative that the price stays above $160, otherwise we risk going back to $100. The first major resistance is at $175.

Ideally, the range between $175 and $214 should be reached very quickly, in order to contain the price and avoid a massive drop again.

This means that the closer we get to the top of the range and therefore the resistance, the more dangerous it becomes to take a position.

Ideally, we would like to buy the $206 area with volume and for it to become a solid support zone. Once this stage is over, we can take a position with more certainty.

For the bears, the $160 area can be an entry point, we are not far from it. The decline can be accentuated, but beware of deceptive bounces.

The next important support is located in the $136 area.

Tesla, buying or selling right now?

Tesla share price is 161.83 while TSLA 8-day exponential moving average is 165.17, which is a Sell signal.

The stock price of TSLA is 161.83 while Tesla 20-day EMA is 174.00, which makes it a Sell.

Tesla 50-day exponential moving average is 179.61 while TSLA share price is 161.83, making it a Sell technically.

TSLA stock price is 161.83 and Tesla 200-day simple moving average is 203.21, creating a Sell signal.

Tesla, decentralized leverage trading

Tesla Decentralized Stock Trading

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Decentralized stock trading

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