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Scientia, discover an ecosystem and its token

Nov 16, 2021
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Scientia, discover an ecosystem and its token. Making Money for Science and You. Here is all the information and direct access to the site.


SCIENTIA is a token that aims to support Science and return the rewards to the SCIENTIA Community.

The ultimate goal is to establish a trust owned by the SCIENTIA Community that will revolutionize Science, its funding and the way the economy interacts with it.

It will support basic research in academia as well as new research-oriented companies.

Uniquely, it will participate in research it funded through licence returns and by investing in Science and Technology Start-Ups and companies. These returns will be enjoyed by the SCIENTIA Community long-term. The goal is to democratize science and distribute the benefits obtained to the community using blockchain technology.

In order to attract as much funding as possible for its projects, this ecosystem has a unique feature:

Within 314 days it will rise to 314,159 $. Guaranteed due to negative rebasing.

Scientia idea:

We face a problem today. Science funding is organized nationally, slow, and bureaucratic.

Furthermore, it is usually controlled by government or large corporations and not the Community. SCIENTIA is the solution.

It bridges blockchain technology, science funding and venture capital. The aim is to attract money to science while making money for You as well. SCIENTIA has two phases: The Accumulation Phase and the Trust Phase.

Accumulation Phase

The goal of the Accumulation Phase is to accumulate as much funding into the liquidity pool as possible. This Accumulation Phase will be 314 days long. Yes, that is the first three digits

During the Accumulation Phase, extensive marketing efforts will take place to promote SCIENTIA. This will grow our Community. For the Accumulation Phase, SCIENTIA is modelled on recent negative rebase protocols. Every 6 hours, its price will rise by 3.14% until it reaches 314,159 $. Guaranteed.

This guaranteed price rise will be achieved by negative rebasing. The guaranteed rising price is in line with the vision of SCIENTIA. Ever growing. By signalling this vision to the Community, the Community will grow by attracting new members fast due to its everincreasing price during the Accumulation Phase. Depending on market conditions it is expected that the price of 1 SCIENTIA will rise to the target price of 314,159 $ in around 314 days. As soon as the price hits the target price of 314,159 $ positive and negative rebases are allowed to keep the exchange price of SCIENTIA close to the target price of 314,159 $.

Of course, liquidity will be fully locked during the whole Accumulation Phase, making SCIENTIA a safe token for You.

Trust Phase

The Trust Phase starts on day 314 of SCIENTIA’s existence or when the target price of 314,159 $ is hit.

A part of the liquidity will then be distributed to all holders as a bonus to reward them for patiently holding SCIENTIA to the Trust Phase and believing in SCIENTIA’s vision. Most of the accumulated liquidity will be used to fund the Trust that will execute SCIENTIA’s mission.

Holders of token will have proportional access to a new SCIENTIA Trust token that will also be made available to trade on exchanges and that will exist permanently. The new token you own will represent your contribution to the Trust.

Scientia, tokenomics:

The goal wants to reward holding and discourage speculation. Therefore, a transaction tax of 9.42% is applied. This transaction tax is split threefold.

3.14% go directly to the liquidity pool. By increasing the liquidity pool with every transaction two goals are achieved. First, the value of SCIENTIA is stabilised by putting an ever-increasing price and value floor in place. Second, the continuous contribution to the liquidity pool with each transaction is a direct contribution to the ultimate goal of SCIENTIA starting on Day 1. Making Money for Science and You.

The next 3.14% of the tax go to the marketing wallet to enhance and grow the community.

Finally, the last 3.14% of the tax are used to buy back SCIENTIA on the market and burn it.

This serves as an additional mechanism to provide a price and value floor for your investment and supports the growth of the ecosystem.

Direct access to the site

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