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Decentralized Microsoft stock trading

Juin 30, 2022
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Decentralized Microsoft stock trading. Here is the technical analysis of the Microsoft (MSFT) stock that you can now trade in a decentralized manner.

Decentralized Microsoft stock trading

Decentralized Microsoft stock trading, is it possible?

Yes, absolutely, without KYC, without registration, but the best thing before starting is to always stay informed about what the price is doing and what it could do in the future.

Decentralized Microsoft stock trading

Microsoft ( MSFT ), my opinion:

My pivot point is located on: 270

My preference: bearish below 270 because we can’t manage to pass and stay above the 20 moving average and we are still well below the 50

Regarding the next resistance zones, they are located in the area between 275 and 280 then in the 290 area.

The next support is in the 253 area.

Comment: Current resistance in daily is at 275 and support zone is at 252. If support gives way, we go straight to the 243 to 238 area.

Microsoft, buying or selling right now?

A short-term bounce is possible with 264 as your target. But the market remains bearish.

However, beware, the break of the 240 – 242 area would be a clear sign of an upcoming major decline, unless a news considered in fundamental analysis as excellent should occur.

MSFT, Technical analysis:

The RSI is below its neutrality zone of 50. The MACD is negative and above its signal line. The configuration is mixed. In addition, prices are below their 20 and 50 moving averages, currently located at 260.213 and 266.5592.

The current Microsoft [MSFT] share price is $256.48. The Score for MSFT is 50, which is 0% below its historic median score of 50, and infers higher risk than normal.

Beware, if 252 is broken, Microsoft could go to 242.

Microsoft share price is 256.48 while MSFT 8-day simple moving average is 255.93, which is a Buy signal.

The stock price of MSFT is 256.48 while Microsoft 20-day SMA is 260.21, which makes it a Sell.

Microsoft 50-day simple moving average is 266.84 while MSFT share price is 256.48, making it a Sell technically.

MSFT stock price is 256.48 and Microsoft 200-day simple moving average is 299.25, creating a Sell signal.

Microsoft, decentralized leverage trading

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Decentralized stock trading

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